Monthly Archive:: April 2014

NEW! Updates to our Content Tool

If you are about to create a new Nearpod presentation, here are the details of the improvements we have made to our CT.

Rocking schools with Nearpod! (photoset)

Teacher’s meetings, Science and Math classes, Professional Development … what are you waiting on to become a rockstar? 😉 It’s easy, we have cool ideas to share and we’d love to get yours!

10 tips for using Nearpod in your Math class

You’ve heard the buzz and you have mobile devices to use in your class, but you’re not quite sure where to start.

Share the PIN with your students in a different way ;)

It could happen that your students can not access their email inbox in class, or don’t have an email account for you to share the NPP’s PIN the usual way. Please follow these simple steps to share the PIN in a different way.