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How Formative Assessment Tools and Strategies Help Guide Instruction and Improve Learning

Improving school-wide learning is both the challenge and the goal of every K-12 administrator and school leader.   While there are a variety of strategies that can help meet this goal, supporting the use of formative assessments is one that can be easily implemented, at little to no cost. In addition to the low cost […]

Formative Assessment Ideas for Elementary Students

  When promoting the school-wide use of formative assessments, there are grade level considerations that must be made by administrators and educational leaders.  Formative assessment options that might be well suited for secondary students are not always appropriate at the elementary level. In general, the goal of formative assessments should be to collect data on […]

Blended Learning: Modern Approach to Education

  Despite its name, blended learning is not a method of learning at all. Instead, blended learning is a new and successful way of teaching that includes both in-class and on-your-own education resources and lessons. Even more accurately, blended learning means that those on-your-own learning opportunities are either delivered online or in engaging and interactive […]

5 ways to use BBC videos to promote student inquiry

  Videos are often used as a source for illustration, but how about utilizing them to drive student inquiry? At Nearpod, we believe that engaging, well-designed lessons with meaningful real-world content are the best way to empower students towards higher-order thinking. Now, Nearpod is giving teachers the option of adding videos from BBC Worldwide directly […]

Collaborating and Networking with the Nearpod Certified Educator Community

Think of your best lessons and the best teaching strategies you use.  Then think of how critical your own professional learning network was in helping you with those lessons and strategies.

Nearpod Presents: Student Mode on the Teacher Dashboard

Nearpod is excited to offer a new way to present to your class using a projector. This new feature allows the teacher to toggle between the traditional Teacher View they are used to and the Student View.

#NearpodChat Highlights: Best Practices to Teach Students at all Levels

We recently wrapped up another engaging #NearpodChat on Best Practices to Teach Students at all Levels. Check out some of the highlights from the chat hosted by Nearpod Certified Educator Michelle Singh!

Shifting Expectations in Today’s Classrooms

The term “Digital Natives” is often used to describe those students who have grown up surrounded by technology.  These students are able to access information at the touch of a button.

Pushing Through Stuck

“It might happen after my first draft. Or, it might happen after several revisions. Inevitably, I reach a point where I get stuck. Banging-my-head-against-a-wall, pulling-my-hair-out stuck.”

The Student Produced Nearpod Lesson: An Engaging Way for Students to Learn About a Topic in Depth

This is a guest blog post from Peter Paccone, an AP US History teacher in San Manino Unified School District, California. Four months. That’s all it took for me to become a big fan of Nearpod – the relatively new yet highly acclaimed educational technology application. I first heard about Nearpod sometime after Spring Break. […]