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Nearpod Presents: Student Mode on the Teacher Dashboard

Nearpod is excited to offer a new way to present to your class using a projector. This new feature allows the teacher to toggle between the traditional Teacher View they are used to and the Student View.

#NearpodChat Highlights: Best Practices to Teach Students at all Levels

We recently wrapped up another engaging #NearpodChat on Best Practices to Teach Students at all Levels. Check out some of the highlights from the chat hosted by Nearpod Certified Educator Michelle Singh!

Shifting Expectations in Today’s Classrooms

The term “Digital Natives” is often used to describe those students who have grown up surrounded by technology.  These students are able to access information at the touch of a button.

Pushing Through Stuck

“It might happen after my first draft. Or, it might happen after several revisions. Inevitably, I reach a point where I get stuck. Banging-my-head-against-a-wall, pulling-my-hair-out stuck.”

The Student Produced Nearpod Lesson: An Engaging Way for Students to Learn About a Topic in Depth

This is a guest blog post from Peter Paccone, an AP US History teacher in San Manino Unified School District, California. Four months. That’s all it took for me to become a big fan of Nearpod – the relatively new yet highly acclaimed educational technology application. I first heard about Nearpod sometime after Spring Break. […]

Using Nearpod to Support Differentiated Instruction

Introduction Regardless of grade level, every classroom is full of students with different needs and different ability levels.  Teaching to the “average” works for some students, some of the time, but it is rarely enough to support every learner.  That’s why differentiation can be such a powerful instructional approach. Despite the fact that differentiation has […]

Using Nearpod to Support Blended and Flipped Learning

Introduction As technology is being used to support student learning in more and more classrooms, blended and flipped learning implementations have become more common.  While there are distinctions between these two types of learning environments, central to both is the idea of student-centered learning. As defined by the 2017 National Education Technology Plan, blended learning: […]

The Benefits of Using Nearpod in a Preservice Teacher Education Program

Introduction If you ask teachers about the technology training they received as a preservice teacher, many will likely point to a single education technology course they took during their undergraduate education program. While the format and content of these courses varies enormously across the US, one strategy that can be useful is modeling beneficial approaches […]

#NearpodChat: Evaluating Edtech in the Classroom – September 6, 2017

We recently wrapped up another engaging #NearpodChat on Evaluating Edtech in the Classroom. Check out some of the highlights from the discussion!

Disrupting Teacher Professional Development One Workshop at a Time

This post is written by Melissa Pelochino, the Director of Teacher Professional Development at Nearpod.