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Press Releases

“TIME for Kids” Partners With Nearpod to Deliver Trusted Content in an Engaging, Tablet-Ready Form, September 2013

Nearpod Announces the Launch of “Nearpod Business”, July 2013

Nearpod and LearnZillion Announce Partnership To Offer Interactive Content for 1to1 Classrooms, March 2013

Nearpod Launches Next Generation of All-in-One Solution to Turn iPads Into Teaching Tools, Celebrates Explosion in Popularity With Teachers and Students, October 2012

Nearpod Turns Mobile Devices Into Teaching Tools, May 2012

Awesome Mentions

Nearpod: A Powerful Tool That’s Keeping 1,000,000 Students In Sync – by GEDB

2nd Graders Share Thoughts On iPads In The Classroom – by Jeff Dunn on Edudemic

How The Nearpod iPad App Changed An Entire School – by Bryan Miller

Nearpod: Teaching smarter with iPads – by Erin Klein

Modified Flipped Classroom in 2nd Grade – by Angie Sigmon

Podcast hosted by @thenerdyteacher – by Nicholas Provenzano

How The Nearpod iPad App Changed An Entire School – by Bryan Miller on Edutopia

How Nearpod Brought Active Learning To My Classroom – by Dan Gallagher

Schools around the world using Nearpod


Featured tweets and … amazing feedback 🙂

“I LOVE @nearpod First time HS spced students were 100% engaged was with it!”, Christy Steffen

“Used @nearpod to introduce my Rome unit, my Ss were SUPER enthusiastic participants. The excitement could not be contained!”, Kim Lowden

“Officially obsessed with @nearpod ! Puts people who use PowerPoint and Keynote to shame”, Mrs. Miller

“A shout out to @nearpod again. I don’t know what we would do without it. THE most powerful tool in Ed tech. If you haven’t tried it you must”, Ron Farrow

“I’m in love with @nearpod app. Makes transition to 1:1 school less scary and more exciting!”, Laura Montgomery

@nearpod Where have you been all my life! Head about to explode thinking of all the ways I can use this w/ my students!, Okle Miller

“I am loving Nearpod! Every time I start to think “What else will they come up with?”…I am never disappointed!”, Mr Carey

“#mindblown at how #technology can be used in education. Our world’s changing so fast it’s crazy. Learned #nearpod and #lynda today. Just wow.”, Beth Heed

“Used @nearpod for the first time in the classroom today…and LOVED IT! Excellent for AfL & pupil engagement! #addcym #ukedchat”, Serena Davies

“Once you @nearpod you never go back…”, Bernadette Scheetz

“Nearpod is really one of those tools that I think can become a game changer. It allows for assessment, content delivery, interaction, etc.”, Jeff Richardson

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Events Sponsored by Nearpod

United States

  • METC
  • Florida County Independent Schools Convention (FCIS)
  • Lenawee County Intermediate School District Edtech Event
  • iSummit
  • iTrac
  • eQuip Conference
  • iPad summit Michigan
  • iPadCamp San Antonio Texas
  • eVisionary Conference
  • JEdcamp NJ/NY
  • EdCamp SFBAY
  • EdCamp CommonCore
  • EdCamp Dallas
  • EdCampTO
  • EdCamp Baltimore
  • EdCamp Chicago
  • EdCampSTL
  • EdCampNJ
  • EdCampLA
  • EdCampColorado
  • EdCampNC
  • EdCamp Sillicon Valley
  • EdCamp Phoenix
  • EdCamp Columbus


  • Birmingham Learning Conference


  • EdCamp Montreal


  • Edcamp Chile


  • Learning Technology for Education in Cloud (LTEC)


  • EdCamp Indonesia

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Marketing Materials

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  • TCEA 2014
  • FETC 2014 National Conference
  • BETT 2014
  • ISTE 2013
  • North Bay CUE event Technology in the Vines 2013
  • FETC 2013 National Conference
  • BETT 2013
  • NSBA Technology Innovation Showcase 2013
  • ISTE 2012
  • Launch Education & Kids 2012
  • Campus Technology 2012