Disrupting Teacher Professional Development One Workshop at a Time

This post is written by Melissa Pelochino, the Director of Teacher Professional Development at Nearpod.  

Portfolio Spotlight: Nearpod & the Classroom of the Future

In this blog, Nearpod CEO Guido Kovalskys talks about Nearpod’s journey, the accelerating disruption of K12 education by mobile and cloud technologies, and his predictions on the classroom of the future.

Shared Stories of Pedagogical Practice – Part 3: Global Collaborators

With increased interest in models of learning that emphasize learner-centered instruction and the construction of deep understandings of the world, teachers and students are seeking out practices that move learning past walls of classrooms and that harness the power of the global experience.

Introducing Nearpod 3D

We are excited to announce the arrival of Nearpod 3D, a library of 100 stunning 3D objects that you can easily add to your Nearpod lessons. Nearpod 3D adds a new dimension to digital learning that encourages students to participate in lessons in a more meaningful way.

Neither snow nor rain nor sleet… Can stop a great teacher

Resourceful educators set up virtual classrooms with Nearpod on snow days. Snow blanketed much of the East Coast, Midwest, and Southern parts of the United States over the past few weeks.

New Nearpod app: 8 new features that will help you reinvent your classroom

Feedback is a gift and our loving community definitely knows we love to receive it 🙂 So we’ve listened to educators’ ideas and suggestions and voilà! A new version of Nearpod, full of surprises, is ready to download.

Developing presentation skills with student created Nearpod lessons

Check out Middle School Teacher Jessica Vannasdall’s case study on using Nearpod to help students build competencies and overcome fears of public speaking.

Nearpod has been designed for iOS8!

To properly enjoy all the possibilities that iOS devices offer, Nearpod has prepared for the new iOS 8!

New features!

Remember to take these updates into consideration when creating cool lessons!

10 Ways to integrate Nearpod and Google Apps for edtech fluidity

Among the sea of educational apps that seems to grow larger by the day, Nearpod differentiates itself thanks to its versatility and utility for virtually all levels and topics. It’s a great home base for teachers because of how seamlessly it integrates with other powerful tools.