3 Formative Assessment Examples

Ask any principal or school leader about the types of metrics where they would like to see improvement, and it’s likely that both student engagement and student achievement will be on that list. Fortunately, research suggests that by implementing additional formative assessment activities in the classroom, both of these goals can more easily be reached. […]

How Formative Assessment Tools and Strategies Help Guide Instruction and Improve Learning

Improving school-wide learning is both the challenge and the goal of every K-12 administrator and school leader.   While there are a variety of strategies that can help meet this goal, supporting the use of formative assessments is one that can be easily implemented, at little to no cost. In addition to the low cost […]

Formative Assessment Ideas for Elementary Students

  When promoting the school-wide use of formative assessments, there are grade level considerations that must be made by administrators and educational leaders.  Formative assessment options that might be well suited for secondary students are not always appropriate at the elementary level. In general, the goal of formative assessments should be to collect data on […]

Shifting Expectations in Today’s Classrooms

The term “Digital Natives” is often used to describe those students who have grown up surrounded by technology.  These students are able to access information at the touch of a button.

The Benefits of Using Nearpod in a Preservice Teacher Education Program

Introduction If you ask teachers about the technology training they received as a preservice teacher, many will likely point to a single education technology course they took during their undergraduate education program. While the format and content of these courses varies enormously across the US, one strategy that can be useful is modeling beneficial approaches […]

The Information Age, Common Core, and Technology

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have been adopted by 42 states and the District of Columbia. The goal of the CCSS is to provide students with consistent learning standards across math and English language arts and to prepare them for college and career success. While some states have decided to opt out of the […]

1:2 and 1:3 Mobile deployements with Nearpod

We have heard a lot about the 1:1 device deployment model during this past year. Giving one computer or mobile device to every student results in universal access to technology both inside and outside the classroom.